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Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrate this new year with God in our lives..

It is time to celebrate! We celebrate because we are loved! We celebrate because God is good! We celebrate because we are safe in His love! Let's celebrate with the Lord and His Word so that we can bring in the New Year in his will...

Another year is over and a new one is about to begin. The world has its way of celebrating this transition, but God has a better way! No matter what has happened this past year, God has been faithful to you! Even if you don't believe that right's true!

If only we could see with spirit eyes the battle all around us. Angels at war protecting our health, lives, loved ones, possessions, and honor. We can only see what God allows to make us stronger in Him, not all that He keeps the enemy from inflicting. I encourage you to enter 2012 with worship, prayer, and God's Word. Why not gather together sometime this week with other believers who are serious about the things of God. Seek His face together as the New Year begins. Worshiping Jesus was the center of our celebration!

Jesus is our Promise Keeper! He has protected you this past year from untold tragedy, misfortune, and peril. We look at all that has happened, but so often we don't think about what might have happened. Maybe you lost your house this past year, a terrible thing, but you still have your family. Maybe you lost a loved one this past year, but you are not here in this world alone. Imagine the destruction that could have come your way that the Lord prevented.

Thank God for all He's done for us (even what we couldn't see!) in the past year and shared a Scripture that was meaningful. We treasure this time each year as a way of looking back with thankfulness and looking forward with hope.

I will look back and evaluate the past year in terms of my obedience to Him. You see, I don't evaluate the Lord, I evaluate myself. Am I living for Him in a way that is honorable and upright? Is my heart pure? I will pull out my goals from last year and see which have been met and which are still in process. God is good! We don't always understand His ways in our lives.

Let us set Goals for this year 2012 all t for the Glory of God...

God Bless to All..

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