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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Journey in Abu Dhabi A family reunion

My Journey in Abu Dhabi A family reunion

I am thankful for all the blessings, God has given me.

Finally after 6 years of not seing personally my sister whose a little older than me for some unavoidable reasons and circumstances in our lives after the long wait finally we are together again with the guidance and the blessings of the Lord, It was a long time ago we did not see each other after our Mother Died way back year 2004 that time also his one & only son was an infant but now this kid grew up as a very sweet & loving child who gave her mother the strength to fight the struggles & hardship of life and gain the victory I feel his son was very precious to him Its the gift of the Lord for my Sister I saw them sleeping last night i was so touched for the attachment & bonding relationship they have i recall the same way things happen to me & to my family .
I witness the Goodness of the LORD in my sisters life God has continued to pour out his blessings to his family & friends, I will be staying for them for one month here in ABU DHABI what a small world for us thousands of miles far way distance we are both grew up in our mother land Philippines with the norture of our parenths whose very loving and God fearing Parenths, but Gods will find the way that I & my sister and his family will be together again for sometime.
Thank you Lord for such a blessing for my sister
I love my sister she is a God fearing person always helping others specially his family im so proud of you God will reward you in all your deeds.
Anyway im on my Journey for one month vacation my sister will tour me and experienced life here in abu dhabi by the way my wife sisters are here also namely Sheila & Renai they are in good health & condition i hope they have a surprised for me ..
So then , lets here the next chapter of my Journey here in abu dhabi..

GodBless to All..

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